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Understanding your legal options under Pennsylvania lemon law may help you know what to do if you consider your car a lemon. Consumers in Pennsylvania have the following rights under the state’s lemon law:

  • Oblige the manufacturer to repurchase the car from you at the original price, plus taxes, finance charges, and registration fees.
  • Request that the manufacturer replace the car or truck with a comparable model.

Options for manufacturer repair

If it has a significant flaw, you must allow the manufacturer enough time to fix your vehicle before using your consumer lemon law rights. The dealer typically has three chances to resolve the problem. After three efforts at repair, the car will be considered a lemon if the issue is still present.

Consumers are not required to take their vehicle to the dealership for three service visits within the 12-month or 12,000-mile lemon law period. During that time, you must at least once report the defect. Therefore, even if you file a report under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law window but continue to receive assistance for the same problem after the window has passed, you could still build a good case.

There are still ways to get your investment back for a damaged vehicle without the dealer trying to fix the car. For instance, you could file a lemon law claim if the automobile or truck has a manufacturer issue that has kept it off the road for at least 30 days.

Replacement vehicles and the Pennsylvania Lemon law

According to the Lemon law in PA, compensation for a defective vehicle may also include a replacement car. You are not obligated to accept the manufacturer’s or dealership’s new automobile or truck offer in exchange for a refund. The next step is to engage a lawyer and file a lawsuit if the manufacturer refuses a refund.

The manufacturer transfers the funding from the original automobile to the replacement when a customer accepts a substitute for a financed vehicle. But the consumer is in charge of transferring the title and registration to the new car.

What if the manufacturer repairs the defect? Does a lemon’s law apply?

Sometimes the manufacturer or dealership can adequately address the problem or properly address the flaw, so there is little danger to the car’s use, value, or safety. The vehicle may no longer be a safety hazard, allowing the buyer to feel secure in keeping it.

If the repairs were made within the time frame allowed for lemon law claims, the consumer might still be eligible for a sizable financial award under Pennsylvania law. Additionally, if the manufacturer exhausted all possible repair attempts to fix the car, they could qualify for compensation.

Duration of the PA Lemon law procedure

The Pennsylvania Lemon Law procedure can provide customers with a satisfactory settlement in as little as 30 days.


Engaging a lawyer who is conversant with PA lemon law is essential if you believe you have a potential lemon law claim.

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